Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easter Books from HarperCollins

The Berenstain Bears' Easter Parade
Things I always wondered about the Bear Family: When Baby Bear grows up, what will they call her? Why are they referred to as the Bear Family, when there are a million other bears around? What are they called? How come some animals talk and wear clothes, and others act like...animals?
Middle-aged musings aside, Mike Berenstain seems to be just as capable as his late parents. In The Easter Parade, Brother Bear resists the idea of shopping for and dressing up in 'nice' clothes, but changes his tune when he gets a few compliments. Sound like anyone in your household? The Berenstains always tried to write about issues that were timeless and uiversal, and this one sure fits the bill. (Off question for this one, though: Sister Bear is the one most excited about dressing up and wearing a fancy hat, but in the end she seems to be dressed the same as she always is - and no hat. ?!)
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin's Easter Break
The Chipmunks' many DVDs are among those most watched in our household. Something about that trouble-making Alvin seems to appeal to my kids, can't imagine why. In Alvin's Easter Break, the Chipmunks' easter vacation is spoiled by the constant attention of their three biggest fans - or is it? Younger kids may not quite see the problem, but oler siblings annoyed by their tag-alongs may respond to this gentle nudge to include rather than avoid. Or not. But it's worth a try!
Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure
With cards, poster, and stickers. Because gimmicks are an easier way to make sales than actually writing something worth reading. Sorry, but these are just getting worse and worse.
Two to try and one to pass on! Thanks to HarperCollins for the review copies.

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