Friday, March 21, 2014

Springtime Board Books from HarperCollins

Little White Rabbit Board Book
A popular picture book now in board book form. Little white rabbit hops through his world and wonders about many things - all of which you could discuss or act out with your little one. Henkes' soft illustrations stick to just a few colors, with the white rabbit standing out prominently on most pages - something that we know catches babies' eyes, making this a good choice for lap time with infants through toddlers.
Bedtime for Chickies
I think I have a new favorite set of characters. In this title, cow, sheep, and pig are ready for bed. The chickies are NOT. They are masters of stalling - kind of like a certain 4-year-old I know. A copy of this will be going to a special birthday boy next week, along with a Fisher Price farm set - I just love book pairings for presents, don't you?
Pottytime for Chickies
"Pottytime, Chickies.
Fun, fun, fun.
Hop on the potty
and get the job done.
Goodbye, Pig.
Shut the door.
We know what
the potty's for."
I wonder where the chickies got scuba gear that small?
After a few more mishaps, the adorable chickies finally get things right. I don't think we'll be reading this at home until AFTER the last one is potty trained, though - too many 'great' ideas! Looking forward to Dinnertime for Chickies, due out in May.

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