Friday, March 7, 2014

Little Stinker by Stephen Sanzo

My children always get along swimmingly, and never drive each other crazy.
Done laughing? Okay, on with the review.
Little Stinker
My kids LOVED this book. Christopher and Sheridan, especially - Logan didn't quite get what was so funny. Logan also doesn't quite get what I mean when I tell him to "stop being such a little brother!" Anyone who has ever had a little sibling (and, if they are honest about it, anyone who has ever been a little sibling) will identify with this big brother's sentiments:
Mom and Dad pick out a game for me to share with the Stinker.
I don't want to share with the Little Stinker.
I don't want to play with the Little Stinker.
I would like her to move to Grandma's house.
Of course, by the end of the book, he decides he does want her around - no word on how long that lasts!
When I read the story myself, I found it good but not spectacular - my jaded adult mind comparing it to others with the same theme. If my kids' reactions are representative, however, other parents will soon find themselves reading it over and over, as soon as I get this copy into circulation. The illustrations, by Mark Mullaney, make me think of cartoons like "The Fairly Oddparents", and should appeal to kids as well. I will be checking out, and probably ordering, Sanzo's other title, Cranky Pants.

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