Monday, March 10, 2014

Lerner's Map it Out Series, by Jennifer Boothroyd

It's always fun to check out the new books as they come across my desk. I'm especially happy when I see books that I immediately know will be a hit at home.
Our family is planning a trip from New Mexico to Ohio this fall, and is still debating whether we will drive or fly. Either way, these two titles in the "Map It Out" series will easily lend themselves to activities that should get the kids excited and involved in the planning.
Map My State
Simple text describes the basic parts of a map, and shows how a young boy marks the places he wants to visit on a family trip. I think this will be just right for my preschool-through-second-graders (and will help Mommy keep straight in her head all the places she wants to show them!) The second:
Map My Country
has its own key, but thankfully doesn't repeat anything from the state title other than the compass rose. In this, another boy marks the states he has been to, and the ones he wants to visit - another easy activity for my kids to do! As a former teacher, I appreciated the way Boothroyd explains why Alaska and Hawaii aren't pictured in their actual locations.
Other titles in the series, which we will be ordering soon, include:
Map My Continent
Map My Home
Map My Neighborhood
Map My Room
I look forward to incorporating whatever activities they suggest into our home 'school' times. I would recommend the series for any classroom/home library that serves younger children.

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