Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Love is Real, by Janet Lawler

Love Is Real
Don't you just love it when you come across a book you didn't realize you were looking for?
Every spring we have a Mother's Day themed story time, and in June we have a Father's Day tea party. Of course, there are many families which don't have a mother or a father in them. Or which have one in a different household. Or which have more than one of either or both. So, what on earth do you read out loud that will cover everybody and leave them with warm fuzzies rather than a reminder of something they may be missing?
Here is one such title! From the beginning lines of "Love awakes and helps you dress. Love will clean up any mess," rhyming couplets mention some of the many things we might do for or with someone we love - while never ever mentioning a specific relationship. Adults may argue that love is about more than what we do for each other, this is an approach children can easily recognize and identify with. Even adults who are not able to be with their small ones all the time will be able to point to some of the activities as things they have done together, from combing hair to slicing up an apple snack.
Brown's illustrations are as uncluttered and comfortable as the text. A hit for any classroom or home with small children - and most likely a guest star at this summer's tea party!

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