Friday, November 9, 2018

Review: I See, I Touch by Giuliano Ferri


In this delightful concept book for the very young, artist Giuliano Ferri uses clever die-cuts to explore the senses that invite a child to experience the world around them, and to feel and express love. The final page has a velour element, adding a tactile interactive dimension to this heart-melting story.

Wonderful sturdy pages, beautifully colored illustrations, and simple text help introduce the concept of our five senses. Perfectly paced for interaction:

With my nose I can...
Where is your nose? Can you point to it? Where is the elephant's nose?
smell the springtime flowers.
(Take a big sniff together) Do you smell flowers? What do you smell?

I dare you to get past the tongue page without sticking your out at the pig, by the way. I think that one qualifies as a reflexive action.

My only worry is that the last page, with the bit of fur to rub, seems to bow out a little at the back. That may give it a little less time on the library shelves as it slides against other books, but the fur does seem to be firmly fastened inside, so it should last a good long time with an individual child.

Gifting Ideas:

Put this in a five senses exploration kit - with something for toddler to taste, touch, look at, etc. Or, pair it with a card promising some sense exploration trips, where you will visit a new place and see what you can hear, taste, and so forth.

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