Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Book Review: Oliver Elephant by Lou Peacock and Helen Stephens


When Noah goes Christmas shopping with his mom and baby sister, he’s glad to have his toy elephant, Oliver, along in the boring shops. They play peekaboo and hide in a dolls' house, and Noah even dances Oliver across the displays. But just as Mom has checked off the last thing on her list, disaster strikes: Oliver is nowhere to be found! And the department store is VERY big. Will retracing their steps be enough to reunite Noah and his beloved toy elephant?

The themes of holiday shopping, business, and of course of losing a beloved toy are all familiar ones to any child. I liked the subthemes throughout the book that you could pick up on to discuss - matching just the right gift with each person, the way Noah keeps himself occupied throughout, 

So many cute stuffed elephants to gift this with - like this one!

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