Friday, November 2, 2018

Review: Do You Believe in Unicorns by Bethanie Deeney Murguia


Is that a horse wearing a hat? It’s definitely not a unicorn in disguise — that would be ridiculous, right? It’s probably just a horse that’s having a bad hair day. Or trying to keep the sun out of its eyes. Or perhaps this horse just really likes hats! If you follow it long enough, maybe it will take off its hat and you’ll finally know for sure. Or will you? It’s all a matter of perspective in this cheerful, cheeky story about seeing magic in the everyday.

This adorable book begins with a question, and never really answers it - or does it? It begs to be interactive, so is not for the story time leader who wants children to sit quietly and listen. But who does that any more anyway? Discussion and opinions with no clear right or wrong - I may even have to work this into some STEAM activities! The back cover invites readers to make their own magic, which could have you running all around your library together to try it out. Fresh and fun!

**At the start of the book I noticed the cute little lizard sleeping by the barn, and thought, "I may have to mention him somewhere." I am just going to say he was worth mentioning and flipping back to. That is all.

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