Monday, November 26, 2018

Book Review: Ten Horse Farm by Robert Sabuda


Watch with awe as majestic horses leap off the page when you open this stunning full-color pop-up book. Glorious images of horses grazing, prancing, and galloping in an idyllic farm setting are inspired by everyday scenes in rural America as well as by the real Ten Horse Farm (now an art studio) owned by artist and designer Robert Sabuda in upstate New York. This 3-D gem will draw horse enthusiasts of all ages.

Pop-up books generally have no place in a public library, and with a $30 price tag, this is probably not one you want to casually hand off to a baby or toddler.

That being said, this would be a wonderfully unique gift for the adult horse person in your life. The amazingly intricate designs go well beyond the typical pop-ups found in children's books. Each would make a perfectly suitable artistic centerpiece for a coffee table or shelving nook.

The designs literally jump off of the pages, demanding closer inspection. Ignore the 5-8 marketing range, and buy this for an adult you know without small children at home!

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