Friday, November 16, 2018

Review: Christmas ABC by Jannie Ho


I had to admit, I was curious as to how much Ho would have to stretch to get certain letters to fit the holiday theme. I mean "s" is so easy it's hard to choose - Santa? Sweaters? Snow? But, what do you do for "q"?*

Fortunately, both her choices in words and her brightly colored illustrations make each page simple and clear. With the exceptions of perhaps "u", "v" and "y", I think most littles would see the pictures and immediately come up with the corresponding word - making this a good choice for introducing letter sounds at any time of year.

While this title is strictly for Christmas, and does not enter into other winter holidays, it does venture into a few traditions some children may not be familiar with (such as a Yule log, and Three Kings Day), so it is also a good starting point for talking very simply about what your family does to celebrate, and how others may celebrate differently.

All in all, it's a perfect Christmas present for a little one ready to start talking and exploring things on his or her own - like a certain adorable niece I am thinking of, so shh! Gift the book along with these awesome stampers and some play-do:

Not ready for clay yet? These are adorable (check out the narwhal!)

*"quiet", with a cute tip-toeing mouse!

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