Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Book Review: The Rabbit Listened, by Cori Doerrfeld


Note to self: Must. Buy. Everything by Doerrfeld.

First off, just look at that cover. Sweet urchin in pajamas, cuddly rabbit giving a just-right hug. If you are having a baby, you need to get that framed and put it on your nursery wall.*

Second, the basic message. Sometimes sad things happen...and you don't want to talk it to death, you don't want someone to tell you how to fix it, you don't want to yell, you just...well, you don't know what you want. In which case, what you need is someone who will just be there, waiting for you to figure that out.

If there is one thing the world seems to need, it's the ability to handle our bad feelings better. Paired with Black's I'm Sad, this book belongs in every home and classroom library.

*The author/illustrator tells me Penguin is planning to come out with a limited edition print of the cover image! Add it to your Christmas list!

***This book has been nominated for a Cybils award. I am just one of many first round panelists, and my opinion should not be construed to mean inclusion on or exclusion from the final shortlist.

*****It made it to the short list! Congratulations, Cori!

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