Thursday, October 4, 2018

Toddler STEAM - Animals

This week we had our first Toddler STEAM of the year. We have been learning about different classes of animals, so this program tied some of that together. Since we have so many new faces, I went 'easy' this time around, nothing terribly messy.

Although I did have dead things.

Feathers, porcupine quills, and a few different pelts. Magnifying glasses to take a look at how the coyote's fur is different close to the skin, or how the feather parts fit together like Ziplocs. A few adults were squeamish, but the kids had no qualms.

Be a Bee! Use your proboscis (or an eye dropper) to transfer nectar (water) from flower to hive.

That can be a tricky fine motor skill to pick up, but this young lady was a pro!

She even matched the flowers. Totally planned.

Cutting out animal pictures to keep on hand, by the way, is an excellent activity for a bored volunteer.

I have never seen a badger looking quite this friendly before:

For some large motor fun, we had one of these:

and a large coned-off area:

THAT was pretty exhausting (because of course I had to do it with them), but it got some wiggles out.

Sorting and classifying:

As I told the parents, it wasn't that important that the kids got things into the right containers, more that they were using words to compare and contrast. Some pulled out all the penguins and practiced counting up, others sorted by color. Whatever! Still STEAM!

Then I made the grown-ups do math.

If I were a grasshopper, I would be able to jump about 1,033 feet. I can jump two. More practice needed.

Shane, on the other hand, can jump three!

He does happen to be one of my favorite little critters.

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