Friday, October 19, 2018

Review: My Best Friend is a Goldfish by Mark Lee and Chris Jevons


After arguing with his best friend about which game to play, a boy decides it's time to find a new best friend. So he tries to becoming the best of friends with his other pets. He learns to eat on the floor with his dog, take naps with his cat, and watch the world from underwater with his goldfish. But none of these animals measure up to his true best friend. He may just discover that being different from each other is okay after all.

Ah, the childhood squabbles. I have five kids at home. Sometimes they get along like siblings, and sometimes they get along like siblings. At the end of the day, though, I'm sure they wouldn't trade each other for someone else...right?

A simple message for a perennial problem. Not delivered in any sort of preachy way, but with examples and illustrations that will tickle children's funny bones. And, if they are anything like mine, will soon see them eating off the floor like the dog, or shoving food in their cheeks like the hamster. Consider yourself forewarned.

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