Monday, October 15, 2018

Review: Me and My Cars by Liesbet Slegers


Toot-toot! Cars are everywhere. Some drive superfast, others are very big, some transport things and others have a siren. Which cars do you recognize?

The small size and square shape made me think this was a board book at first, but the inside pages, while slightly stiffer than paper, are definitely more suited to the picture book shelf - not sturdy enough to stand up to much mishandling! Fortunately, the length and text are more suited to picture books as well. (We will choose to ignore the grammatical error in the title.)

Approximately 2 dozen vehicles are featured, divided into groups such as helpers or workers. Each has 2-3 short lines of text, simply telling what the vehicle is called and what it does. Very young readers will find the pattern comfortable. Bright colorful illustrations, some with photographs adding a little textural depth, may inspire similar artwork on the reader's part.

A fun read for any little one obsessed with things that go!

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