Friday, October 26, 2018

Review: Mirror Play by Monte Shin


Did this book get printed backwards?? While we do get some weird misprints at times, this cover is exactly right - as long as you look at it through the handy foldout mirror!

In this creative wonder, artist Monte Shin uses shape and symmetry to turn what look like random squiggles into recognizable forms. This uniquely interactive book needs the reader's help to finish the pictures, because they can only be seen using the attached fold-up mirror. Once the mirror is in place, readers can spin the central art on each page to reveal not only an array of fun abstract shapes, but a delightfully surprising final image. 

While this is a fantastic concept, I will probably save it for some Toddler STEAM programs rather than putting it out on the shelf. The flap with the mirror seems fairly sturdy, but the rotating images inside feel extremely flimsy. I don't think they will last very long at all - especially since you need to turn them to see the correct image (which isn't clear if you just pick it up with out seeing directions), and toddlers are likely to just grab the edge and pull.

Durability aside, this is a fun book to play with (it completely distracted the page who was supposed to be shelving books - my fault!) You can even create your own pictures and slide them underneath the mirror, to see what happens with the reflection. A good book for an individual child who isn't too rough on things, but not for a collection used by many. A QR code on the back offers a demonstration video on Youtube.


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