Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Review: Open the Suitcase by Ruth Wielockx


Horse, Cat, Piggy and the other animals all have important jobs to do. They carry their belongings in suitcases. Which bag belongs to whom? Open the suitcases and take a look inside.

These characters are adorable, and look so soft you want to run your finger across the pages. Children will find it easy to guess which one each suitcase belongs to based on matching outfits. Predicting each one's profession (named on the following page) based on the suitcase's contents can lead to discussions about different jobs and tools. 

With few exceptions, lift-the-flap books do not belong in libraries. This is not one of those exceptions. The flaps do not seem especially sturdy, and the set-up of the book requires much going back-and-forth as children search the following pages for items that are in each bag. 

This would, however, be a fun one-on-one book for laptime with your own child or grandchild. The latter would be especially appropriate, as the final character is packing for a trip and Grandma and Grandpa's, and the text asks the reader, "what would you put in your suitcase?" A perfect gift for a child's first sleepover!

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