Saturday, June 30, 2018

This Week

Does anyone know what happened to my sweet peas?


Shane: "I'm glad I always have my evil laugh with me."


Dirt for Saturday arrived Tuesday! Ever try to keep large groups of children away from a big pile of dirt for 5 days?


This weeks craft was either hanging gardens,

or potato dolls

modelled after this guy:

Rot, the Cutest in the World!




$15 well spent!

Wednesday was a sad day. 13yo Bella, who had seemed fine the day before, appeared to have a stroke. We sat with her in the morning until the vet's office opened, but she passed away on the trip down the hill. We will miss her 'talking' to us (no dog talks like a husky does!), and sleeping on TOP of the dog houses in snowstorms.

She was a really great dog!


People frequently leave things behind at the library, and if I think something belongs to one of my Facebook friends, I will sometimes post a picture to see who claims it.

This one resulted in a cross-country tussle, with people in several states declaring they left it right where I found it. Wherever that was.


I can totally do plumbing and construction, but electricity is not my thing. So, of course, I planned a Teen program centered around making light-up cards. I was able to explain the basics of closed circuits, and made one of my own with one light, but I wasn't able to make two lights work off of one battery.

The kids experimented, and a few were able to make it work! That's scientific exploration that will stick in their brains!

Super simple program, you just need cover stock, batteries, LED lights, and copper tape. I got all that off Amazon, and have a ton left.

Why yes, that is the Death Star.

The program went way over because they were still experimenting. We will definitely have to do it again!


The kids like to explore the fields and forest, and bring home old rusty treasures. An old railroad spike. A broken tool.

A car.


In other news, Psycho Cat still hates my guts.


Logan's head is filled with so many awesome ideas, even when he is sleeping he needs to write them down.

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