Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Cheat, by Sheridan Jones: a story in installments. Chapter 2: Telling Lies

The next day, I was so excited to see my grades, but when I got them I slumped down in my seat. I realized Marvin slumped down in his seat. My paper said, "See me." I leaned back in my chair. Marvin's paper said the same thing.

We had another test today, but this time I didn't look at Marvin's paper, I only looked at my paper.

When class was over, me and Marvin went over to our teacher, Mrs. Money. She said, "One of you must have been copying the other's paper, and I think it was you, Emma."

I gulped, but stayed frozen. "I think it was you, Emma, because you only get five or ten right. Marvin gets one hundred or a little bit less."

Then I spoke up. "Well, my parents have been teaching me at home after school and during the weekends, so that's how I know what the answers were, Mrs. Money."

"Okay, then that means Marvin was cheating! Marvin I am very disappointed in you. I'm afraid you will have detention tomorrow after school."

"But, Mrs. Money, I didn't cheat!"

"Marvin, please! Well. See you tomorrow, kids."

Tune in for Chapter 3: I Lost My Best Friend

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