Saturday, June 2, 2018

Review: Poppy Louise is NOT Afraid of Anything, by Jenna McCarthy and Molly Idle


Poppy Louise Littleton thinks vampires are cute and mummies are funny. She’s positive a tarantula would make a perfect pet. All her imaginary friends are monsters. Is there anything that will scare her? Her sister, Petunia, is determined to find out. . . .

Aha! I knew McCarthy's name sounded familiar. A couple years ago I read and reviewed Lola Knows a Lot, which I said reminded me of one or more of my kids. This one follows the same pattern! Shane is definitely my fearless one, but I can also see Logan clamoring for a pet tarantula.

Just as with Lola, there are several chuckle-worthy lines that make this a fun read-aloud. I especially liked that, once Petunia does find something Poppy is afraid of, there is no teasing or embarrassment involved - she just helps her little sister out. What a great way to show kids that everyone finds something they fear, and that itself is nothing to be afraid of!

Idles's bright, expressive illustrations are the perfect companion. I LOVED the image of Poppy's solitary arm, thumbs-up, emerging from the bush she had crashed into! A solid purchase for home or library.

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