Monday, July 2, 2018

Mud and Water Day 2018

This is easily our most popular annual program now, but I have to admit, I just wasn't feeling it this year. I was tired, too many things back to back, and I wouldn't have minded if it had rained us out.

But, it didn't, and I'm glad, and we all had a blast! My patrons are awesome, they always know when I'm at my end, and cheer me on just by having a good time.

Setting up involves a lot of running-around and muscle power that just can't be done until the day of (although Cheryl did make sure pools were mostly inflated for me the night before!) I dragged Christopher in to work with me early, and he didn't complain once (unlimited popsicles helped.)

The Parks department delivered a yard of dirt Monday, so our first order of business was to shovel half of it into this pool and the littler one behind it, then add water.

The other half made a marvelous mountain to climb on.

I bought a new tarp this year, about three times the size of our old one. A little dish soap and a hose, and you have a HUGE slip and slide (or "slipping slide," as Shane kept saying. He's the baby, we never ever correct him, we just adopt his words.)

Bought this play mat a couple years ago for the babies, and learned the first year that you don't fill it until AFTER you have it in the right spot.

We had bubbles in the baby area, and one of my most patient volunteers, E., spent a good half hour or so trying to get the dang thing to work. Once it did, it was a hit! Thanks for sticking with it, E.!

I couldn't find my big pool for water!!! So I made do with five smaller ones.

That actually made clean-up a lot easier!

Squirt guns, of course:

See all those cars? The parade ended up being scheduled down 10th half an hour before our program. That actually worked out well, people just came here straight after the parade!

A little reminder at the door:

We also had rugs spread down the hallway and in front of both bathrooms!

This hose saw much use! I brought towels from home as well, but most people remembered their own.

Aaaand, we're off!

Wiping hands on Mommy. Thanks, kids.

Mother Daughter facials!

Don't even think about it, J.!

 Since the Slipping Slide had soap on it, it totally counted as a bath.

And we had all those pools of clean water, too!

 Why were all my sweetlings trying to shoot me?

Oh, and to the police officer who showed up for a bit: sorry about that getting-shot-in-the-back thing. And the mud. On your uniform. But how awesome for the kids to see someone in uniform just hanging out while they are having fun!

The baby mat makes a nice waterbed when you get worn out.

I may have to try it later!

I added a sprinkler this year, just for fun and as an extra rinsing spot.

Loving this picture of Gracie!

And the best surprise ever, due to someone having to leave in a hurry, I didn't know the 29th Squadron was coming to help out until they were suddenly there! They did all the heavy part of the clean-up, moving the mud to cover tree roots and cleaning out the big pool. 

With their help, Christopher's, and another young man named Javier, I was actually all cleaned up and back at my desk by 3PM - that NEVER happens! And then one of my coworkers bought pizza for the whole staff - yasssss!

Thank-you, everyone, for re-energizing your tired old grumpy librarian, and making this such a fun day once again!

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