Friday, June 8, 2018

Review: Three Little Superpigs by Claire Evans

Available July 31, 2018

After defeating the Big Bad Wolf, the Three Little Superpigs spend their days fighting crime and enjoying their newfound fame. But one day, the Big Bad Wolf escapes from prison and plunges Fairyland into fear. Our curly-tailed friends soon discover that bricks are missing all over town. The Superpigs return to their homes to solve the mystery when they realize it has all been a trap!

At home we have been working our way through all the Marvel movies, so it makes perfect sense to us that the villain in a story might not stay defeated (seriously, Loki? Again??) Indeed, the beginning of this 'sequel' is much like the beginning of Iron Man 2 - without the whole testifying-before-Congress bit. It is not without jet-powered flight, though!

Definitely one for the younger set, adults will find too many things implausible for even a picture book, but kiddos will enjoy feeling smarter than the Superpigs as they spot the wiley wolf. The bright colors and cameos from familiar fairy tale characters will keep those younger readers' attention. Not a must-have, but one that will check out with some regularity if you have it on the shelves.

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