Friday, March 9, 2018

Review: The T-Rex Who Lost His Specs by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross


Poor T-Rex has lost his glasses. Without them, he can't tell toast from toasted slippers or a towel from an owl. Let's hope his friends can help!

There is plenty of silliness to be had in this one. Washing your face in the toilet? Wearing your sister's undies???! The humor is sure to please any young audience, while the rhythm and rhyme make it a natural read-aloud. You may, however, need to explain to American children what kippers are (and then someone will have to explain to me why you would eat such a thing). I'm also a bit confused as to why this particular T Rex is smaller than most of his friends. And why it says he ate his specs when they are clearly behind him. But I don't think the intended audience will be bothered by such details. Any Little Princess fan will be sure to recognize the illustration style of Tony Ross, making these two again a winning combination!

***This book will be available on shelves April 1.

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