Friday, March 23, 2018

Review: Lola Dutch by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright


From the best ways to serve breakfast — an elegant feast! — to the ideal sleeping spot — a majestic blanket fort, of course! — Lola is inspired all day long.
Her dear companion Bear sometimes says she is just too much, but Lola is rich with imagination and originality, which even Bear will agree is AMAZING.

Does this description remind you of any young person you know? Someone who loves to go all out and make things bigger, better, grander, more exciting? Someone who goes all out, full throttle, all day long? Or does it remind you of any grown-up you know? (E.C., I'm looking at you!)

Whether you know someone who is the high-energy Lola, the happy accomplice gator, Pig or Crane, or the quietly shaking-his-head, there-when-you-need-him Bear, this is just an all-around great gift book. Give it to someone having a birthday, expecting a new baby, or embarking on a new project. And by all means, get one for your library shelves so everyone can enjoy it!

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