Friday, March 16, 2018

Book Review - Fossil by Fossil: Comparing Dinosaur Bones by Sara Levine and....T.S Spookytooth?


Did you know that we have mostly the same bones as a dinosaur? Sure, they are shaped a bit differently, and in different quantities and places - but we both have skulls, vertebrae, phalanges, femurs, etc. What kind of dinosaur would you be if your vertebrae extended further on both ends of your body?

This introduction to types of dinosaurs (always a hot topic in itself) uses comical illustrations of what humans might look like with the same features. At the end the relationship between dinosaurs and birds is discussed, inviting children to go outside and look for these "theropods" around them. A glossary and pronunciation guide (thank-you!) round out the final pages, along with a list of books and web sites for further exploration.

Illustrations are colorful and silly, without sacrificing accuracy in the actual dinosaur skeletons. Your young readers may be inspired to try drawing themselves or family members as different dinosaurs, or as other animals. Be sure you really want to know how they see you, though, before you propose that activity!

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