Thursday, March 8, 2018

Guest Review: Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

NOTE: This guest review was written by Rebecah, a student at a nearby high school. It is always fun to hear what teens have to say about the books they are reading, whether they are new publications or older!


     Impulse is a young adult fiction novel by Ellen Hopkins. The characters; Conner Sykes, Tony Ceccareli, and Vanessa O'Reilly. The main setting is at a mental hospital. It starts off with the three main characters talking about their experiences and how to get out of the hospital. They all struggle with their own problems. Conner can’t bear the memories of his childhood and the only thing that helps him is pills. Tony has a good life except the fact that he can’t stand to be with his parents and everyone else without there being a fight which takes a huge toll on him. Vanessa has quite a bit of secrets but one keeps bringing her back to cutting herself. The only way to get well and out of the hospital is if they all help each other out and conquer their problems, not only temporarily but forever.

I like how all the characters had an opportunity to have a second chance in life no matter what they did in their past. My favorite character is Tony. I would recommend it because I feel like many people can relate to this novel mainly because everyone needs a second chance in life no matter what they did.

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