Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Review: The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors, by Drew Daywalt and Adam Rex


You’ve played the game. Now read the legend of how it all began . . .
Long ago, in an ancient and distant realm called the Kingdom of Backyard, there lived a warrior named ROCK.
Meanwhile in the Empire of Mom’s Home Office, a second great warrior sought the glory of battle. And his name was PAPER.
At the same time, in the Kitchen Realm, in the tiny village of Junk Drawer, lived a third warrior. They called her SCISSORS.
These three were the strongest, smartest, and fastest in all the land. Time and again they beat the most fearsome opponents they could find: an apricot, a computer printer—even frozen, breaded, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets! But when the warriors finally meet each other, the most epic round of battles begins . . . and never ends. That is why, to this day, children around the world honor these worthy adversaries by playing ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!

Suggested subtitle: "To be read out loud, with voices". Think deep, serious voice-over tones: 

"I hope you're wearing your battle pants, rock warrior."
"If by 'battle pants' you mean 'no pants, but I'm willing to fight you,' then yes...yes, I am wearing my battle pants, weird scissory one!"

If you don't have this one yet, you need to hurry out and get it before your end-of year field trips begin, because this is a sure crowd-pleaser for all ages! If you have time, a fun extension would be to toss out some other traditional kids' games (hopscotch? tic-tac-toe?) and challenge kids to write their origin legend!

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