Monday, April 24, 2017

On the Move Part 2

I don't want to give a negative impression of our new home by just talking about work we need to do. Besides the house being roomy and well-built, the yard outside is AMAZING. My mother in law was a Master Gardener, and spring is just a fabulous time here! Every day I find a new surprise - today it was these:

Fifty years of vinca has carpeted the whole area.

The top to the bird feeder is somewhere under the flowers...
The lilacs smell heavenly,

both purple

and white.

There are other treasures!

This will be righted and filled with something flowery that can spill over the sides. For right now, it is holding these egg sacs:

Walking sticks, maybe? Anybody know?

Whatever this is:

the deer sure like it.

This is...another plant of some sort.

A little rose bush I discovered when I raked away the dead leaves!

And a fairy door buried in another corner!

Daylilies, maybe?

And decades worth of vines:

I have been pulling out dead parts and retraining vines that are trying to climb through things. Like these:

You're pretty, but you really can't stay there! Fortunately, neither can the half-rotten plywood you have wiggled through, so your release date is coming up soon!

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