Friday, April 14, 2017

Flowers - Story Time and Craft

Here's a little secret about library programming: sometimes an entire program or craft is designed around a particular craft item you have on hand and need to use up.

I have been trying to thin my storage closet out a bit to make room for summer reading supplies, and I came across this tray of red flower petals.

At 25 cents a box during an after holiday sale, they were just too good to pass up...two years ago. And then I remembered that I still have a couple bags of pink petals left from our Fancy Nancy Tea Party, which was...also a long time ago.  It was time to actually do something with them. So...what, exactly?

The colors made a Valentine's Day craft the obvious choice, but all I could come up with was filling in a heart shape with them. That was a possibility, but since we have quite an age range at times I wanted something...more.

Googling "flower petal crafts" was giving me ideas way too complicated for preschoolers, until I came across this flower fairy craft at Artful Kids, complete with fairy template. 

Isn't she just gorgeous?! I printed out and enlarged the template, put out petals, markers, and glue, added a stick to poke it in next to a plant, and voila!

I picked these four books for our read-aloud:

Monday's group was the first after Spring Break and they were WOUND, so I didn't read the last - but I did read it to the (equally wound) fifth graders who came after lunch. Both age groups had a blast with the fairies, especially the glitter part! The custodian, not so much. Thank goodness for community service workers. 

A few fairies were forgotten in the drying process, so they are keeping watch over the library plants until their owners come back to retrieve them!

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