Thursday, April 6, 2017

Jones Kids On the Loose Day Two - Explora

Explora. 'Nuff said. We were there when they opened, ran out for a quick lunch, then stayed until almost closing!

Shane kept asking to go to the bathroom so he could pass back by this again. It is pretty mesmerizing!

The fountain is also a favorite stop.

Would someone PLEASE convince my baby to stop growing up.

The infinity tunnel - it looks like it's really long, but there is no sign of it on the other side of the wall. So weird 😉

Sheridan could have spent all day here!

The kids all spent a lot of time in the sound area. Huge surprise.

This is a LOT for someone with sensory issues, and there were a couple meltdowns,

but then she'd pop back up and get into it again!

This room was new - you color one of the templates, scan it in,

then it appears in this giant moving picture!!

We were inside all day, but she still got more freckles!!

In the bubble room....

We ran into one of my story time friends from back home!

She went and 'graduated' on to Kinder, where she is doing remarkably well in reading - no big surprise there! It was neat to see her again, although it took her a minute to process that Miss Ami had appeared on her vacation 😲

This isn't QUITE what this center was for, but...they had fun.


Totally counts as a bath!

So nonchalant - yes, I fly an airplane all the time.

Taking Gracie for a ride!

And not tired at all!

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