Friday, February 3, 2017

Toddler STEM - Things That Roll

I didn't get too many pictures of this month's Toddler STEM, because it got a little chaotic. A local daycare came to join us, and there just weren't enough adults to kids to keep things in their respective centers, and it kind of turned into a free-for-all! Lesson learned, and next month I will look at some way of making visual barriers to keep things straight. The centers themselves were fun, though, so here is what I do have, in case anyone else can use them:

LEGO Marble Mazes

Of course LEGOs are always a big hit, and here I challenged kids to build a maze and then get their marble through it by tipping the base plate back and forth (I stink at that, by the way.) Since there were small pieces involved, this center was up on tables.

And don't you just LOVE that outfit?!

Corncob Pit

A very popular center, as much for the sensory fun of playing in the corncob pellets as anything else! The idea was to see whether size of tire or car made a difference in how well it could travel - but mostly it was just fun with cars.

City Planning

I found this removable road tape on Amazon, and put it on poster board to make it a little more durable.

Ramp it Up

A smooth road, a rough road, and one with speed bumps. Which one can cars go faster on? What if we raise or lower the end, does that change things?

Marble Painting

We did this in story time a little while ago, and it's too much fun not to repeat.

Of course the marbles DO go flying, which is why we don't have carpet in that room any more! It wipes right up, and the kids created some really cool artwork in the process.

I also had a 'golf course' set up in the middle of the room - a zig-zag path marked out with masking tape, and empty cans taped at the end - but it was pretty much obliterated by kids running every direction and kicking balls around. Like I said, lesson learned! Thanks to everyone who came and played with us!

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