Thursday, February 23, 2017


We got our tax refund, and I was so excited. I bought almost everyone in the family new socks! Even me!! Seriously, I have been thinking about this, anticipating it, for over a week now. This morning, as soon as I saw the money was in fact deposited, I threw out all the old, dingy ones. My soul felt at peace. I could hardly wait for my lunch hour, so I could get to Walmart. And then the decisions...with so many similar sizes, we all have to have different styles, or laundry is just a nightmare. I got it all worked out, and practically skipped to the check-out*. Where the cashier told me she was doing essentially the same thing with her refund.

I think...yes, I think we are officially both grown-ups.

*I also bought cat food! And more coffee, even though the container we have is more than half full! I am a spending MACHINE today!

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