Monday, February 13, 2017

Review: Not Quite Black and White, by Jonathan Ying and Victoria Ying


Silly animals star in this lively picture book that introduces colors in a unique and catchy way. Have you ever seen a zebra wearing pink polka dots? Or a penguin with bright-yellow boots?
Typically black and white animals (the tiger may give children pause) are featured in colorful accessories, beginning with basic hues and expanding into those like aqua or maroon. An underlying message of embracing differences, as well as not seeing people animals as simply black or white will be obvious to adults, but isn't heavy handed.

Illustrations are crisp and colorful, slightly cartoony. This is the first book from the brother and sister duo, with a second due out in June. Not the first book I would grab to teach about colors, but one that will do the job nicely and with a bit of fun. Worth a spot on the shelves!

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