Friday, February 17, 2017

New Blog!

Because I do such a great job at keeping this blog updated (ha), I am adding a second blog.

is scheduled to go live February 28. I hope to have the first month's posts in place by then, which is the main reason for the wait. The goal of this new blog is to give home schoolers, teachers, or parents who just want to have a little extra fun at home, ideas for making each day both fun and educational. 

Did you know that there are a multitude of strange and unusual holidays for pretty much every day of the year? Onion Ring Day...It's My Party Day...Bubble Bath Day... The goal of Homeschooling by the Holidays will be to share cross-curricular lesson and activity ideas for each of those (how do you figure the diameter of said onion ring?) We all know we learn best when we are interested and engaged, right? And, did I mention onion rings? (There may or may not be a large number of food-related holidays.)

During this first year, I will just focus on one holiday (or birthday or historical event) for each day, and most activities will be geared towards younger children. I will also only be using holidays that are on a fixed date - in other words, nothing that falls on "the first Tuesday after the third Friday in the full moon after Valentine's Day".

In the second year, I plan to add ideas for older children, as well as monthly and weekly celebrations, and those with more fluid dates. Throughout, however, I will be happy to take suggestions - more songs? More art? More science? Let me know what you are looking for in your home, and I will try to assist! And as always, feel free to add your own suggestions for each holiday in the comments!

Ooh - I will also include lots of links to useful web pages: like 7 Sisters, where I found the above meme! In the meantime, click over to the new blog and bookmark it, then don't forget to check back February 28!

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