Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Review: Lola Knows a Lot by Jenna McCarthy and Sara Palacios


Meet Lola! Lola knows a lot. She can cartwheel, she can tie her shoes...she can make her sister crazy. The only thing Lola DOESN’T if she’s really ready to go to school. 

I couldn't quite decide which of my kids Lola reminds me of, but she sure does seem familiar! I think she's an amalgam of the whole gang (and yes, I have been waiting to use that word since I first saw "Parenthood".)

Any time a picture book makes me laugh out loud, it is going on my story time list. This is perfect for kids getting ready to start school, or for any story time where your listeners have siblings! When Lola isn't quite sure she knows enough to start school (thanks to big sister making her nervous), Mom suggests she makes a list of things she does know. Some are practical (she knows how to make lists!) and some are hilarious ("I'm good at driving my sister crazy...I'm not saying you should try it. I'm just saying I happen to be especially good at it.")

In the end, Lola decides that while she doesn't know everything, she knows she is "ready to learn all the things I still don't know," which is an excellent attitude for all of us to have.

Illustrations by Palacios are bright and cheery, and it's worth checking out the kitten's antics and expressions in each scene. 

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