Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Picture Book Reviews: New Babies in the House!

I'm putting these two picture books together, because they both deal (quite humorously) with having a new baby in the house.

Ninja Baby

When Nina was born, the doctor gently thumped her bottom to make sure she was breathing. Nina karate chopped her right back. "Congratulations," said the doctor, backing away. "You have a ninja baby."

Everything from getting baby Nina fed to putting her down for a nap proves to be quite a challenge for her parents. She WILL do everything on her own terms, and by herself if you please. And then...her parents bring home...

the Kung Fu master (a.k.a. new baby brother). And Nina begins to realize that doing everything by herself may not be everything it's cracked up to be. She and the Master join forces, and soon their parents don't stand a chance...or so they think.

Wonderfully expressive pictures, with a cute twist at the end. Kids who enjoy movies like Kung Fu Panda will get plenty of giggles out of this one. But parents, beware - I can easily see mine getting some sneaky ideas in their heads!

King Baby

"Now. Bring me the thing. Not this thing! The other thing! Bring me the other thing! These subjects are fools!"

Nothing ninja about this baby's methods, he is the King and all must know it! It's a lot of hard work to get those subjects trained just right, and along the way King Baby finds himself becoming...a Big Boy! But, without the King, who will rule the subjects? 

"We've got big news!"

Of the two, I preferred the humor and illustrations of Ninja baby, but both were a hoot. Gift these to any child expecting a new sibling - or to first-time parents-to-be! 

***These books have both been nominated for the Cybils Awards, and I am a first-round panelist in this category. There are many other panelists, and many MANY other great nominees, so a good or bad review here does not necessarily predict placement on the shortlist. 

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