Thursday, December 1, 2016

Review: Everyone is Yawning by Anita Bijsterbosch

Everyone Is Yawning

It’s time for bed! The kitten yawns. Look. I think it is tired. All the little animals yawn. And the little kid? Does the little kid yawn too? You’ll find out as you lift-the-flaps in this surprising book.

Normally I am not a big fan of lift-the-flap books, because a) they can be a bit gimmicky, and b) they last all of ten seconds in a public library. This, however, is a lot of fun! I am going to have to keep it and use it wherever I can - in story times, and at home when I need the kids to fall asleep.

The latter should be a good bet, because you can NOT read it without yawning yourself. That's part of the fun, though: the turtle yawns sloooooowly. The alligator shows all his teeth when he yawns. And the hippo yawns three times! My 2yo thought it was hilarious when I yawned along with each animal - although I had to stop a couple times to wipe my eyes.

The illustrations are bright and colorful, simple shapes, and the word count is just right for the age group. This would be fun gifted with a special bedtime pillow or blanket.

***This book has been nominated for the Cybils Awards, and I am a first-round panelist in this category. There are many other panelists, and many MANY other great nominees, so a good or bad review here does not necessarily predict placement on the shortlist. 

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