Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Catnip Kid!

A couple weeks ago, my youngest caused a domestic disturbance in the Walmart parking lot. His grandmother reports the conversation as follows:

Lady Passenger in passing truck ~ "OMG!!!!!"
Man Driving slams on brakes. "WHAT???!!!!"
Lady Passenger ~ "Look at him, isn't he cute?"
Man Driving ~ "Yes, he's f***ing ADORABLE. Don't you EVER scream like that when I'm driving again!!!!"
He was still yelling at her as they turned up the parking aisle...

That's my boy. Complete strangers walk up and say he's so cute, could they please buy him a toy?

And oh, yes, he knows he's cute!

But never more so than when he is a cowboy, with "mine hat and mine boots!"

Happy Birthday to my heart, my Catnip Kid!

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