Saturday, December 17, 2016

Review: Hungry Bird by Jeremy Tankard

Hungry Bird

Oh my goodness. Any child who has ever been ridiculously picky and/or melodramatic, and any parent of said child, will be sure to get a chuckle out of this one. 

Right from the start, looking at the cover illustration, you can tell that Bird is in extremely dire straits. He has gone hiking with his friends, and forgot to bring a snack. Of course, that is somehow their fault, and not his. He is STARVING, and certain to perish horribly if they do not provide him with sustenance IMMEDIATELY!

But not that, he doesn't like that! Ew, no, he doesn't like that either! Hurry up and find something he LIKES, before it is too late!

Why, no, this does not at all bring to mind last night's dinner of tacos (tacos! Who doesn't like tacos!) during which a certain 3-year-old whined that his taco was falling apart and he couldn't pick it up and he wasn't hungry anyways and could he have some ice cream?

Bird is already a huge favorite here, both in circulations and in story time read-alouds. I am looking forward to using this one in our spring programs!

Want to give this as a gift? Consider including a gift certificate allowing the reader to plan one entire meal of whatever they want - and then prepare that meal together! Here's hoping your reader won't want nice, juicy worms...

***This book has been nominated for the Cybils Awards, and I am a first-round panelist in this category. There are many other panelists, and many MANY other great nominees, so a good or bad review here does not necessarily predict placement on the shortlist.

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