Monday, June 22, 2015

New Picture Books

Thank goodness for my TBR pile this time of year - that dead zone called "end of fiscal year", when purchase orders disappear, and nothing new would otherwise appear on shelves! Today I pulled out a few cute new picture books that should give a fresh look to the New Books shelf.


Sophie loves to dress up and play with her dolls, but she wishes she had a friend to join her. Then one day Sophie meets Goose. Honk! The two become fast friends. But when it's time for Goose to fly away, can Sophie find a way for him to stay?

and then

Goose Goes to School

Goose is back in an all-new school adventure! Everyone knows geese don’t go to school. So when Sophie hears flappy footsteps in class, it can’t be Goose, can it? HONK! It is Goose! There’s nothing better than a surprise visit from a friend, especially at school. Reading this heartwarming follow-up to Goose, readers will delight in Sophie and Goose’s next fun-filled adventure.

A sweet combination perfectly suited to little ones who may find it hard to make friends - or who are worried that it will be. Text is sparse, just a sentence or even a word per page, and the pictures are beautifully bright and simple. Of course, young readers will wonder why their mother is not so reasonable as to change her mind about bringing home wild fowl, but we can't have everything.

My guess is that we will be seeing much more of Goose and Sophie, and that our beginning readers will soon be asking for them by name!

Eva and Sadie and the Best Classroom EVER!

Sadie teaches her little sister, Eva, all about kindergarten. Sadie knows it's her duty as Big Sister to prepare Eva for school. But all this preparation makes Eva nervous—there's too much homework and no naptime, and how will she ever be able to buy her own lunch at school?

Did you know that school starts in 56 days, and that Sheridan is already registered for Kindergarten? If not, then you have not been within a mile of her lately, because she would have told you. Repeatedly. She told Andy Mason twice Friday, every third person at the Cherry Festival yesterday, and last week even struck up a conversation with someone she has been a little bit afraid of since she was BORN, just so she could impart that little fact.

She's a teensy bit excited.

But, in between the excitement, there are occasionally nerves, so this will be a good one to bring home. It starts off with Sadie helping Eva get used to no naps by keeping her awake. Sheridan is SO ready to be done with naps, I think this will grab her from the start, and the 'helpful' big sister will give them all a chuckle! Ultimately, though, the reminder that big brother will be right next door - and that she doesn't have to know everything the first day - will hopefully stick the most.

All three of these are available in stores now, and will be on the shelves here soon!

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