Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Different Kinds of Heroes

As I explained to the kids last week, we are looking at many ways to be heroes this summer. Today we got to focus on people who help animals, especially misunderstood ones, with a visit from The Island of Misfit Morphs

They don't give ME that much attention. But then, I'm not wearing a tailless whip scorpion on my shirt.

This is Ebb. His girlfriend's name is Flow. (She couldn't make it today).

Miss Kim was FANTASTIC, explaining things in correct terms, but in ways all the kids could easily comprehend. I learned a lot, myself!

Two different pythons - discussing how, just like we all have different hair, skin and eye colors, they can have different colorings.

A really pretty (and blind) retic that I was tempted to steal - except I would have had to bring it back to her way before it reached full size (about 19 feet).

The kids really paid attention,

And asked lots of great questions!

Now we're talking! Black-headed python,

Blind in one eye, very active today. The kids got to pet him and Pearl, the ball python, as well as a sanguine blue-tongued skink that I neglected to get pictures of.

My spell-check says "skink" is not a word. My spell-check needs to get to a reptile program.

Shane couldn't understand why everyone wasn't there to look at him.

He just kept standing by the line, waiting for someone to tell him how cool he was. Poor guy!

And, Sheridan's parting words as they left the library...guess what she now wants for her birthday?

Huge thanks to Miss Kim and the Island of Misfit Morphs! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for educational programs in the area!

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