Friday, June 19, 2015

Tweens, Teens, and Andy Mason!

Another fun and busy week has come to a close! Monday evening, the tweens watched the movie "Sky High" while working on the first phase of their papier mache masks.

You could kind of tell who had experienced papier mache before and who hadn't.

You could also tell, after they had been drying for a day, who had listened to the instructions about wiping away excess, and who hadn't:)

But either way, they all seemed to have fun! Can't wait to see the finished products!


Thursday evening, the teens played five games of Minute to Win It, including

transferring marshmallows from one bowl to another using chopsticks,

and eating fruit by the foot without using your hands. We were just going to have one person per team try it, but everyone decided to try this one. One young lady who shall remain nameless slurped down three while her competition was still working on one. We were all rather impressed in a horrified sort of way.

Tossing goldfish from one cup to another.

My favorite, "cookie face" - getting a cookie (or cracker) from your forehead to your mouth, without using hands. I told the kids I wouldn't post anything too embarrassing, which pretty much ruled out all my close-ups.


Finally, Friday we had our perennial favorite, Andy Mason - a.k.a. The Pizza Guy (I wonder if he ever regrets writing that song?)

We started off sitting and listening,

or even reading (I love this kid),

but then we got to giggling,

and he got us up on our feet,

and pretty soon there was a dance party going on!

Sometimes adding our own little twists to the moves...

The kids kept inching closer, and by the end, I thought some were going to crawl up into his lap!

One young man even got to go up front and jam with him at the end, leaving with his very own harmonica.

Sway with me, sis!

Thanks again, Andy, for another great show!

Once again, NOBODY IS LOOKING AT ME! What is the deal, here, people?!

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