Saturday, June 13, 2015

Explora Day at the Library

During our spring break, we visited the Explora Museum up in Albuquerque. So. much. Fun! I can't feasibly take every summer reading kid up there, so we did the next best thing, and brought Miss Erin and her travelling science fun to the library!

 Anything with electricity is always popular!

 As are the wind-powered cars:

Some of them were making it all the way across the room!

Kids could also make tops, experimenting with different sizes, weights, etc.

And, since it was nice out, we had a few experiments out there.
Creating patterns with mirrors:

Or, on top of them. Whatever worked.

Balancing nails on a string,

or popsicle sticks on a tennis ball (no pictures of that one, because I was too busy playing with it myself.)

I love when kids think outside the box, and thought this one was quite brilliant:

And then...there's my child.

You can take the girl out of the mountains, but...

That's my girl :)

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