Saturday, June 27, 2015

Every Superhero Needs a Cape!

This may prove to be our most popular craft of the summer. Messiest, and most expensive, too, but still a lot of fun!

We started off each story time with these three books, and I asked the kids to tell me what all three superheroes had in common:

Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears?

The Woods

The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man

The answer, of course, is that not only are all three heroes actually kids, but they all have capes! We are all kids, and we are all heroes, so obviously we are missing one thing.

We did this with all ages, and it was neat seeing their different approaches.

The picture below doesn't do the colors justice, but this artist blended different shades together beautifully:

Most kids chose to use the puff paints (and leave them here to dry), but a few used markers so they could take them right away.

model pose!

Love the artistry!

Basically, if you can't tell, we just cut the fronts and sleeves off of a bunch of adult t-shirts. A couple thrift shops saved them for us, and we had more than enough - we may give plain ones out at our closing ceremony. I did advise the parents to cut the neckline and add snaps or Velcro, because I KNOW my kids will grab each other's capes while they are playing! I just didn't have time to do that to 300 capes.

Great work, kids, can't wait to hear how you have been fighting villainy!

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