Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Intermission: Monster Buddies Series by Shannon Knudson

A slight intermission from our Christmas gift-giving series to highlight some books perfect for Halloween - or any other time!

I'm All Wrapped Up!: Meet a Mummy   I'm a Fire Breather!: Meet a Dragon   Pull Ahead Biographies Set Iv Character Cards

As the name implies, these are not meant to be terribly scary books. I would give them to children who are curious about scary creatures, but who still need the reassurance that they are not real. Text and pictures are just on the edge of gory - Roscoe the zombie talks about eating brains, but all we see on the table are glasses of bubbly red liquid, which we can presume is blood (looks more like Fanta), and closed take-out containers of "Brain Nuggets". Each has a little bit of historical information (Egyptian mummies, Chinese dragons), but focuses on the movie versions. At the end you'll find a simple art project (mostly drawing), a glossary, index, and further resources.

Other titles in the series cover ghosts, vampires, witches, werewolves, and aliens. We will be getting them all soon!

P.S. The mummy and I share the same first name. She even spells it right!

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