Wednesday, October 22, 2014

63 Shopping Days Left! Review: Mr. Tweed's Good Deeds by Jim Stoten

Mr. Tweed's Good Deeds

Mr. Tweed sets out on his afternoon stroll but soon finds some friends in need. Before you know it, everyone is calling upon Mr. Tweed's kind eye and generosity. Come to his aid and help him find what they are looking for! Hidden in pages of vibrant color and detailed illustrations lie objects waiting to be discovered! 

Well...if you are at all connected with children in any way, I do not have to tell you that seek-and-find books are popular. New copies quickly become dog-eared, and even though I automatically order multiple copies, i find myself having to replace them frequently.

Most don't come with much of a story, though, which sets this one apart slightly. A few phrases betray Stoten's London roots ("over the page"), and I found myself reading it in a mental British accent, but it's perfectly understandable. The hidden pictures are a little on the easy side, but not so much so that there is no challenge. Just right for Sheridan, and even Logan can spot a few (when he isn't distracted by everything else going on in the scene). A good addition to our collection, and I look forward to seeing more from this publisher (Flying Eye Books).

Some gifting keeping with the puzzle theme, include a book of puzzles, or these cute story cards

(Sheridan has a different set of eeBoo story cards, and they are very well made, sturdy and just the right size for small hands.)

Plan a scavenger hunt throughout your house for one of those still-on-Christmas-break-and-driving-me-crazy days.

Go with the good deed angle instead, and plan a day to run around town, doing good deeds. Brainstorm a list of things you can do that won't break the bank or take all day, like paying for someone's meal at the drive-through, dropping off treats at the animal shelter, or hanging out at the Bountiful Baskets pick-up with your cart, and carrying everyone's baskets to their cars for them. What a fun way to spend the day together! (Don't forget to bring cookies to your favorite library staff!)

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