Monday, October 6, 2014

79 Shopping Days Left! review: Who Was Here? Discovering Wild Animal Tracks, by Mia Posada

Who Was Here?: Discovering Wild Animal Tracks

A simple introduction to the tracks and daily habits of animals from all over the world. Each begins with a riddle in rhyme (sometimes a bit awkward, so practice before reading aloud), and the reader is invited to guess "who was here?". The next two pages hold an illustration of the animal, with a paragraph of basic information.

The riddles make it pretty easy to guess what the animal is, giving a boost to children who have not ever looked at different animal prints before. The illustrations are very clear, which is helpful for instruction, but if you decide to take your reader out looking for tracks, you will want to explain that they don't usually appear so sharply in the ground! You could even have them run across the mud or snow, then come back to look at how their footprints blurred in places.

A promise to go looking for tracks would be a perfect gift accompaniment to this book. Some other ideas:

a backpack to use on hiking trips, or similar equipment.

A handheld microscope, or some good binoculars.
Maybe some quick-setting plaster to make casts of prints you find.
No chance to go outdoors? These rubbing plates have been almost ridiculously popular at the library art table!

If you do get to go on a 'track hunt', let me know what you find!

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