Monday, October 13, 2014

72 Shopping Days Left! Review: Party Time Series

Okay, look, we can't all be the queen of Pinterest. Most of us aren't ridiculously rich, either. Our kids' birthday parties can't all involve pony rides and bouncy houses and rock bands. Fortunately, my kids and their friends all being mountain kids means I can put out a cake, fill a trash can outside with water, and say, "Have a ball. Don't bite the mountain lion."

As kids get older, though, they start to want something a bit different. Fortunately, at that stage they can start doing some of the planning themselves! This series from Lerner, aimed at teens/preteens, gives some great ideas to start the brainstorming and get the creative juices flowing.

Plan a Birthday Party

In "Plan a Birthday Party", Stephanie Watson gives suggestions for locations (from mundane to unusual), cake alternatives (sundae bar!), and entertainment (henna!). A simple checklist helps really put the responsibility on the party planner. A few etiquette tips are mentioned gently, but can't go amiss. 

Plan an Outdoor Party

I was hoping this one would have ideas for all seasons, but it focuses on summer time. Again, there are suggestions for food (to BBQ or not to BBQ?), creating a guest list without drama, and the helpful checklist. Pest control (including pets and siblings) is addressed, as well as house rules, and not overscheduling - things that might not be first on a teen's mind, but which can help things run SO much more smoothly!

Other titles in the series include Holiday and Sleepover parties, and we will be purchasing those as well. My only concern is that I may have to hand sell them at first, simply because it's not a section teens think to look at. A good collection for a special display!

Gift accompaniment? A party, of course! If you have a birthday coming up, you are all set (Shane's and Sheridan's are both around Christmas, but so far they are in the earlier, easy to please category!). Or, plan a party together for Christmas break - something to beat the post-holiday, miss-my-friends doldrums. And make sure to invite me!

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