Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fire Prevention Week - or, why I didn't get the dishes done this morning

Oh, no! The fire department was just paged out for a fire at the Elementary School!

Fortunately, my new portable comes equipped with a time travel device, so I was able to arrive at the school before the alarm actually went off.

This gave Logan time to don appropriate protective clothing.

Mrs. Shaw even had time to start the timer on her cell phone before pulling the alarm.

And in exactly 54 seconds, everyone was out of the building and had their cameras ready.

The fire trucks arrived lickety split, and the firefighters started suiting up.

Oh, no! Word just came that one of the fifth graders (okay, the only fifth grader) was left behind! Good thing the ambulance came, too!

Some of the firefighters make entry, while others ready the stretcher just in case.

I think I see someone coming!

They found him! Whew!

Into the ambulance to get checked out...

Um...there appears to be a small house in the ambulance...

That's okay, he seems to have recovered nicely!

Mrs. B is quite relieved. He is her favorite fifth grader, after all. Okay, only. But, still.

Note junior firefighter supervising:

On to the cafeteria for Tommy's fire safety talk...

The entire student body. Plus some home schoolers. And my baby. I love our school!

...which Christopher appears to be sleeping through.

 Someone seems to have stolen my baby.

But, he has stolen her glasses, so there.

Christopher woke up for the good stuff.

like Mark showing how firefighters search for people:

Many toes were grabbed, but none were squished in the making of this blog post.


 See, fire fighters aren't scary!

Strange, but not scary!

Some of them are pretty hot, too:

We're pretty partial to this one.

Some of that hotness comes from all the gear.

Enough of this! 

That feels much better!

Good listeners:

Explaining what to do in a fire.

A REALLY junior fire fighter:

Time for everybody to try it out! And there just happens to be another building on fire outside.

Hose ready?

We're ready!

Fire away!


Hey, Mom's distracted taking pictures, let's see how high we can get up this wall...

I know this handsome boy - 

This young lady makes it look so effortless:

This one has more of a take-no-prisoners approach!

And, who was behind that house, putting the flames back up each time?

Thanks, Alex! High fives all around!

Aaaaaaand, back to math class. Actually, they went straight into recess - we pick the smart teachers for our school. Thanks to the firefighters for a great morning, and thanks to the school for letting us come play again!

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