Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Picture Books for Christmas

Zoomer's Out-of-This-World Christmas
It's Christmas Eve, and something has landed in Zoomer's backyard - but it ain't Santa! This story moves quickly, even for a picture book, but manages to impart silliness and the spirit of giving, accompanied by imaginative illustrations that made me think of Dr. Seuss (not in style, but in detail, if that makes any sense). Not a must-have, but a solid choice to add to your seasonal offerings.
Santa Claus and the Three Bears
In this version of the old fairy tale, the three bears take off on a walk while their Christmas pudding cools. Someone in red comes along and decides to have a taste...but it isn't a naughty little girl this time! I felt like this one ended a couple pages short, but overall I think kids will get a kick out of Santa being just a little bit bad. It may even inspire them to leave him something besides cookies and milk (I think bacon would go over well at our house.)
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Speaking of naughty little girls...Jeffers' illustrations are beautiful as always, following a little girl whose sneak peek at Christmas presents results in a minor tragedy followed by a dreamy journey with Santa. Children will need to be familiar with the song in order to make sense of the first part of the story.
Gift-giving ideas:
- Zoomer's story would pair well with anything alien, spaceship, or robot-related.
- The Three Bears begs to be read over a bowl of Christmas pudding. Attach the dry ingredients and a recipe card, and mix it up together!
- Start a Christmas tradition of an ornament or decoration involving one of the Twelve Days gifts each year.
Thank-you to HarperCollins for the review copies!

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  1. All three of these look wonderful! I just ordered our kiddos Christmas books last week: The Annual Snowman's Ball, The Carpenter's Gift: A Christmas tale of the Rockefeller Center Tree, & Christmas in the Trenches...I swear, one day we're going to run out of awesome Christmas books with 5 kiddos getting a book each year. You and I may have to write some of our own!