Monday, December 16, 2013

Nonfiction Monday: Lily Learns About Wants and Needs, by Lisa Bullard

Lily Learns about Wants and Needs
Lily Learns About Wants and Needs is part of the "Money Basics" series from Cloverleaf Books. Other titles in the series cover borrowing, saving, and keeping track of your money. As the series title suggests, each topic is covered in simple terms, appropriate for the 1st-3rd grade range (although we can probably all think of a few adults who could do with refreshers!)
Lily wants a lot of things - a bike, ice cream, a trip to the bowling alley. She tried to convince her father that these are things she NEEDS  (after all, she needs to exercise, right?) but her father good-humoredly explains the difference between those and real needs (for example, there are ways to exercise for free). He even differentiates between general needs (like a new coat) and specific needs (NOT the most expensive coat on the rack!)
This title includes a poster activity, glossary, and web sites to go for more information.
While this book is written in a story form, I would pair it with one that is a little more fictional and fun - Betty Bunny Wants Everything
Betty Bunny Wants Everything
Betty Bunny is a huge favorite at our house. Come to think of it, Betty Bunny lives at our house. At any rate, what better topic to look at just a couple weeks before you-know-what? These two books together would pair well with the start of some sort of allowance/chore chart, or a child's very first savings account.
Thank-you to Cloverleaf (a division of Lerner) for the review copy of Lily!

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